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    Vertical line after export

    porubskeho7 Level 1

      Hi everybody,


      I've run into a small problem. I export a sequence from PP5 into a media encoder and output it as FLV. When there is a crossfade transition or dip to black in the sequence, I get a brief flash of a single vertical line - usually green, sometimes red or purple that is a permanent part of the FLV file. Always in the very right side of the footage. Here is an example:




      Any ideas what may cause it and how to fix it?




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          Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          This is interesting. Should not do that.

          Put a black video underneath the crossfade, see if that helps.

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            That IS weird...  I've done that too....on something...don't remember what off hand...but I think it was still images on a timeline "transitions"...puttting black video under the entire thing fixed the problem....   kind of "forced" the export to adhere to the right pixel aspect ratio.....I guess..


            Just wondering...I shoot photos too...still pictures with cameras...and this looks like a very square frame...like maybe 6x6 or something...like a Hasselblad or something...are you sure you have the right project settings to begin with for the source material ??





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              porubskeho7 Level 1

              Thanks for the tips! Putting black video under the video track didn't help... And the pixel aspect ratios are the same.


              I did however find a workaround. The line shows up only if I use the cross dissolve (or dip to black) from the video transitions. If I manually set the opacity and key frames up and down in the effects control, the footage is fine. Go figure...



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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                In earlier versions of CS4, there was an issue, where a single Opacity Keyframe was required to get things working properly. I thought that CS4.2 had covered this Bug, but maybe not. The Keyframe for Opacity did not need to be adjusted in any way, but its presence was required.


                Good luck,



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                  We are working with CS5.5 and encountered the very same problem. Our solution: crop the output in the export dialog two pixels on the right, one on top. Then scale to the original resolution. Not a perfect solution, but it works.

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                    I had this occurring on my After Effects export after I had resized the comp to 1080x720. My footage was 1280x720, so there should have been plenty of additional pixels on either end to fill the new comp ratio. After multiple tests (making a background fill color, etc), I decided I'd abandon my new comp size. Here is where I discovered the issue. When I returned to a comp ratio that matched the footage ratio, I noticed my footage was slightly askew from the right hand side of the frame, towards center. I went in and transformed the footage to "fit to comp" to make sure it was set in place, then I resized my comp to my desired ration of 1080x720.


                    it worked! the green line is gone!


                    Maybe you nudged your footage at some point during your edit in Premiere Pro, and the empty pixels are revealed once you do your final render in After effects. I'd go back in and double check your footage alignment.