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    Harbs. Level 6

      I don't know if I'm doing something wrong, but this method does not seem to return any useful information.


      I'm trying to get the panel geometry so I can resize the panel while keeping the left side position. I though getWindowGEometry() would be what I want, but I don't see that it does anything.


      Here's my code (more or less copied from the docs):


                      var result:SyncRequestResult = CSXSInterface.getInstance().getWindowGeometry();
                      var winGeom:WindowGeometry;
                      if((SyncRequestResult.COMPLETE == result.status) && result.data)
                          winGeom = result.data as WindowGeometry; 

      And here's what I get:


      winGeom    com.adobe.csxs.types.WindowGeometry (@31f4a4e9)    
          _113126854width    <setter>    
          _1221029593height    <setter>    
          _954454755toplefty    <setter>    
          _954454756topleftx    <setter>    
          _bindingEventDispatcher    flash.events.EventDispatcher (@3499c8d1)    
          height    0    
          m_height    0    
          m_topleftx    0    
          m_toplefty    0    
          m_width    0    
          topleftx    0    
          toplefty    0    
          width    0    


      Am I doing something wrong?