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    Best preset option in PE 7


      Sorry to be a pest but I'm still not sure which preset in PE 7 will best suit my camera's 1280 x 720 output. Am I euchred here?

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          pcrombeen Level 1

          There is an HDV 720 p option which matches the 1280 x 720 dimensions. Would

          that work?

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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

            Please don't begin a new thread when  you're still getting answers in your old thread for the same question, pc. It's very confusing.


            As we said in your other thread, that option MAY work.


            So it might be worth experimenting with a short video -- all the way to a DVD -- to make sure it works with no funny interlacing issues or anything like that. This program isn't ideally suited for that format of video -- but you never know. It might work.


            Only you can answer it for sure.