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    ASDoc tags @copy and @inheritDoc not working? (Flex 4)

    Jaylach Level 1

      Hi all,


      I'm having a really hard time getting @copy and @inheritDoc to export properly when I export my ASDoc tags. Below are a few places I've used these tags:


      * @copy mx.controls.MenuBar#iconFunction()
      public function get iconFunction():Function {
      return _iconFunction;


      * @inheritDoc
      public class Panel extends spark.components.Panel


      * @copy mx.controls.Menu#style:rollOverColor
      [Style(name="menuRollOverColor", type="uint", format="Color", inherit="yes")]



      In all cases, nothing gets exported for these items when I export my ASDoc tags. They are just blank. Am I using these tags wrong? Are they bugged and not working right now? Do I maybe not have the right compiler options set? I've created a new External Tool that runs the ASDoc.exe file and have only specified the -doc-sources and -source-path arguments. Am I missing something in there?


      Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!