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    generating pdf from RoboHelp gives "macro disabled" error


      I'm using RoboHelp 8 -> RoboHelp HTML, and I have MS Word 2007 and "Adobe PDF Creation Add-On 9" installed.


      To generate a pdf, I navigated to "Single Source Layouts" and double-clicked "Printed Documentation" (File -> Generate -> PDF should be the same), and I kept getting an error: "macros disabled. Please see printed documentation for enabling macros."


      I finally went to Word 2007, pressed the "button" (upper left), selected Word Options -> Trust Center -> Trust Center settings, and selected "Enable all macros." The default setting was "Disable all macros with notification."


      When I selected "Enable all macros," I could now generate a pdf - but what does enabling macros in Word have to do with generating a pdf? Maybe this has something to do with the order that Office 2007 and the "Adobe PDF Creation Add-On 9" were installed. It appears I do not have a bonafide version of Acrobat 9 installed (just Acrobat Reader 9.3), and maybe that's the problem. Thanks for any help or advice, Len