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    Retail website with forms in FW CS3???

      Is there anyone who can help...? I like building sites in FW then exporting into DW to upload the my host. Now I want to be able to sell things from my sites. I would like to have customers select different specs from drop down menus and eventually be able to check out and buy stuff. Is this possible? Can anyone send me in the right direction? Maybe a book...??? Thanks in advance.

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          pixlor Level 4
          The topic you want is eCommerce. Hmm. Amazon reports over 50,000 returns on a search of books on eCommerce.

          Amazon search for eCommerce

          I buy from a couple of sites that are on Yahoo shopping. The company does the site, but Yahoo takes care of the database side and the secure ordering and billing. I regularly buy from Stash Tea, and have never had a problem with the site or billing.
          Yahoo! Merchant Solutions

          On my Web host, there's a user-to-user forum (mostly developers - coders) and people have discussed Zen Cart and CandyPress. I don't use them, I've just seen the names.
          Zen Cart

          So...not a specific easy answer, but maybe it starts you on your research path?

          Good luck! :)