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    iPad iBooks and ACS ePub


      Is the iPad/iBooks able to handle ACS4 DRM?

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          elmimmo Level 1


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            why not?

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              Apple releases iBooks 1.1 update for iPhone, iPad

              After rolling out the iOS 4 update on Monday, Apple followed up with one of the things it had touted as a key feature of the new OS. The company’s e-book reading app, iBooks, has been updated to run on the iPhone and iPod touch.


              Released as a 1.1 update, iBooks is now a universal app for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad; it debuted on the latter device back in April. This latest version brings a number of new features to the reading experience, including bookmarks, the ability to highlight passages, and note-taking capabilities. All of these annotations can stay in sync across your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, too.


              iBooks 1.1 also lets you choose between a sepia or white page background, and Georgia is available as a new font. You can choose between left or fully justified text layouts; you also have the ability to increase the font size even larger than before.


              Just like it did with the iPad, Apple has made Winnie the Pooh available as a free download to iPhone users who install iBooks.


              iBooks requires iPhone OS 3.2 or greater, and it is available now for free in the App Store.


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                roborino3 Level 1

                However, ACS is still not supported on iPad iBooks.  Correct?

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                  You can read Adobe protected files with txtr, an iPhone app, on iPhone, iPad, and iPod. You set up an account at txtr.com, open the acsm on your PC associated with your Adobe ID, then upload your encrypted epub from your PC to txtr, download the txtr app from the app store, open it on iPhone/Pod/Pad, associate the app with your txtr account AND your Adobe ID, and then download the file in the txtr app.

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                    Thanks for your help.


                    However, I have not been able to get this to work.


                    I associated the txtr iPad app with txtr.com and my Adobe ID.


                    I downloaded the acsm file from the local library and opened it. I can read the resulting eBook on the adobe reader on my iMac.


                    I then uploaded it to my txtr inbox and downloaded it to the txtr app on the iPad. I get an error message on the iPad txtr app "Can not render the document" "W_ADEPT_CORE_NO_LOAN_TO_KENS_FOUND.


                    Do you know what I am doing wrong.


                    Thanks, Fran

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                      In downloading txtr and setting up an account to upload your acsm files, I found that the ability to read the drm protected document fails every time.

                      At this point it's clear that txtr is not the best option for these types of files.

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                        Jim Lester Level 4

                        It's not the .acsm, but the .epub and .pdf files you should upload.  Also this specifically will NOT work for returnable content, such as book you have downloaded from a library.  There is currently no solution available for reading such content on an iOS device.

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                          Yvonne Arizona

                          Finally it is possible to read library books on your iOS device. This is one of the features I have been looking for for a long time. Please see the CNET link below.




                          I have tested it and it is actually easy to get library books onto the iphone. You can just email the .acsm file to your iphone and then say open in .. Bluefire Reader and it will download the file.


                          The formatting is not ideal on the iphone. It leaves too much space around the edges and I wish the page turn would be slow as a move so that I can finish the last words on a page while already seeing the next word on the upcoming page. But those are little issues that can be resolved in the future. It definitely makes the ipad and iphone the most versatile reader now.


                          Additionally together with txtr this is the second app that empowers international readers to purchase epub books and read them on their iOS device. txtr does not read library books though.

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                            OriginalApplegrrl Level 1

                            Well, I bought and downloaded this acsm book file from a website that allowed me to open it in Adobe digital Editions. However, I think it's locked down from me converting it to PDF or epub. It may have been an oversight made by me when I downloaded it. I am sure they may have been an option of what file type I could have. Oh well!


                            Yvonne, this is great news though. Moving forward I will try this new app and see how it fares. Many thanks in advance.



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                              You don't need to convert the file. It's in your "My Digital Editions" folder (in Documents on Mac, My Documents on Windows). The protected epub and PDF files in that folder can be "sideloaded" into BlueFire Reader and read on your iPad. Check BlueFire's online documentation for the how-to link.

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                                To add to the list the BAM reader and OverDrive reader support adobe DRM.

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                                  The current version of Bluefire Reader app can open ACS files directly -- no need to download through Adobe Digital Editions first. On the iPad/iPhone, in Safari, browse to the online store and tap the link to an ACS file. You're prompted to open the file in Bluefire. Agree, and after the file downloads in the background, it opens in Bluefire. Very sweet.

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                                    Hi everyone,


                                    I am trying to open my acs file on the iPad; I've installed bluefire and authorized it with my adobe id. When I click on the link in the store where I've purchased my book, once it goes back to bluefire, it's telling me that the file was already downloaded using a different adobe id.


                                    Any suggestions?

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                                      studyaid Level 1

                                      I have not tried this myself, but did you open up the file previously on another device?  Sometimes publishers allow only one device in the settings.   In BlueFire you can check the settings of an authorized file by looking at the item info.  This screen capture shows that this publication is allowed viewing on any device.  Could the message be misleading when it says it was already downloaded using a different id? Maybe it was a result of opening on another device?