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    Creating ordinary sites


      I began learning Flex some six months ago(already knew some programming with C#),and after reading a few books i feel i'm ready to start building something on my own.I know that Flex is used primarily for web-applications,but my question is can i use it for developing ordinary dynamic web-sites.

      A few days ago,a friend of mine asked if i could build him a simple site(he is a manafucterer of wind-surf equipment),on which the users could view the products and maybe even place orders(he doesn't have more than 10 items).

      I know these kind of simple sites are primarily done with Php,ASP.NET,etc.,but i have a feeling that i could build it fairly easily with Flex.

      So my question is what are the pros and cons in building a ordinary site in Flex,or is Flex only used when "rich" applications should be made?



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          David_F57 Level 5



          The whole idea of using flash/flex for websites is to enhance the user experience, even a basic site with 10 products can look so much nicer with those little things like transitions on items that enlarge or rotate through several views when you hover over them etc. Backend connectivity is done for you and using things like amfphp/zendamf improves performance between backend and client over http services.


          Normal websites are stateless which means you have to consider sessions and maintaining information between pages, Flex maintains its own state which removes a big headache when it comes to sites that include shiopping carts etc.


          For me its simple if the client wants a simple page to have a web presence its easier in pure html,  anything beyond that they get Flex .


          The disadvantage is usually intitial size, with flashbuilder you are unlikely to get away with a site that is under 500-600k(mind you this is less relevant than it was several years ago).




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            suludi81 Level 1

            Thanks David,you confirmed my exact thoughts.I know the only problem is the size of the finished application,but if i play a little with RSL and given that mostly everyone has access to high-speed internet today,Flex is the best choice.

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              here is a classic example of why html/dhtml/xhtml/html5 will never be better than flex, and this was before flex got all its new fancy transitions and states