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    Saving as a pdf file makes .ai file disappear

    BellyBuckle Level 1

      Hi all.

      I'll try my best to explain this curious thing:


      Sometimes, but not always, when I'm doing a Save As in Illustrator to create a pdf, I look up top at the title bar and the .ai disappears to be replaced by the Acrobat icon and the .pdf extension even though I'm still in Illustrator.


      This is inconsistent - I could be working on the same document and 15 minutes later, when I do a Save As, it creates the pdf file separately while still remaining an .ai file at the top of the title bar.


      This is confusing, because if I go along continuing to work and I want to make changes to the ai file, I have to close the document then reopen it to get the ai back.



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          Scott Falkner Level 6

          This makes sense, in a bass-ackwards Illustrator way, and it should be consistent.

          Think it through: You didn’t export a PDF, which is the way most other programs do it and the way that Illustrator should do it. You Saved As a PDF. If you are working on Picture A.ai and Save As Picture B.ai, the file you are now working on will be Picture B.ai, until you close it or Save As to another filename. So, after doing a Save As and changing the format to PDF, the file you are have open will continue to be a PDF until yo close it or Save As to another format.

          It is obvious to anyone with one eighth of a brain that Illustrator should have an Export to PDF command, rather then Save As to PDF. This is a very common trap that has probably cost hundreds of years of work for designers working in Illustrator. It is a very common occurrence to save your work as a low-res PDF to email to a client with Illustrator Editing Capability turned off. It is also a very common occurrence to continue working on the file, save, then close, and only later to realize that you saved the uneditable PDF file, not the fully  editable Illustrator file. When you do that final save and close, Illustrator does nothing to alert you to the fact that you are destroying some of your work.

          Illustrator has had this problem for years, it would probably be very easy to fix, and it will probably never happen.

          The best way to produce your PDFs is to either use Save a Copy (and edit the filename to remove “ copy”: thanks again, Adobe) or, after saving the PDF, to immediately repeat the Save As and revert back to an Illustrator .ai file.

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            BellyBuckle Level 1

            Hi Scott.


            Hahaha!  Bang on!  Thank you for at least making me feel like I'm not insane!


            I'll take your advice - maybe use the Save A Copy feature.


            Thanks again and take care,