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    Flash can not parse this document. - CS5 Issue


      I've been working on a project for a couple days now and some were along the line the project file became corrupted. I read this posting: http://forums.adobe.com/message/2812314#2812314 but the problem does not seem to be because of an empty frame.


      The error is the same and says:


      Failed to open document. Name and location of document.

      Flash can not parse this document.


      I was able to go back a few versions and start over but the same thing happened 2 times after this. I've even done some version control but when it gets corrupted there is no way to tell unless I close the file and reopen it. But then its usually too late.


      This last time it happened I was saving it out as a different name and reopened it when I noticed the error. Luckly I still had the original version opened. I knew if I closed it I would've lost hours of work so instead I opened a new document and copied over all my library assets, saved, closed and reopened and it worked fine.  I don't think this has anything to do with an empty frame on a movie clip because I checked all library assets and the new empty file I created worked fine.


      The only thing I can say that is different with this project and the previous projects that I have worked on (just trying to give ideas of what it could be) is that I am using FlashEff and some of my text are TLF Text which I have never used those before and I've never encountered this before.