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    Rollover on one list effects other list

    iamcootis Level 1

      I have two lists. Both have ArrayCollection dataproviders. One list contains categories and the other list contains elements of that category. I want to be able to rollover items in the category list and have that effect items in the elements list. For instance, if I rollover 'Dogs,' in the category list, I want all the different types of dogs to then become bold in the elements list. How could I make this happen?


      Categories list contains name:String objects.

      <mx:List id="lstAllCategories" dataProvider="{ApplicationModel.instance.categoryList}" />


      Elements list has elementName:String, categoryName:String objects

      <mx:TileList  id="lstAllCategoryElements"  dataProvider="{ApplicationModel.instance.lessonList}">


      categoryName:String corresponds to the name:String object in the categoryList.