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    Capturing Video from a VCR

    WokingWounded Level 1

      I am trying to convert some home videos on VCR. I love PS Elements 8 so I bought Premier Elements 8. I connected my VCR to a PC USB
      via  a Terratec Grabster 250. The Capture window in Premier Elements appears to have identified the video source (Grabster Series, capture) but I got no picture of the video playing on the VCR. If I press "Capture" no footage is captured. I  have Core Duo 2x2.4GHz with 2GB Ram. So I took this up with Adobe Support and this is the reply I got:


      I am sorry to inform you that you can only capture videos using
      Firewire  cable  as usb cable is not supported in Premiere Elements 8,
      if  this option is not available in your VCR, you can not capture videos
      from  VCR to computer.


      What?! The software is not written to support the industry's leading bus connection?!! That's just ridiculous. I suppose when ripping HD it may be that USB 2.0 is too slow but I'm trying to convert ancient VCRs using a composite video source!


      Has anyone an idea if I can convert my Grabster's USB output to feed into the lonely solitary Firewire socket on my PC?