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    AIR installer crashing taskbar

    |3uddy Level 1

      Hi all,


      I am REALLY hoping someone can give me an answer to this issue.

      I've searched the internet and forums for weeks and tried several different solutions, to no avail.



      When I install an AIR application to my Windows XP SP3 machine, my taskbar crashes and freezes for about a minute and is totally unresponsive.

      It doesn't seem to matter which app i'm installing.

      As soon as the installation is finished..Boom, frozen for 60 odd seconds.


      I have tried installing a certified, and uncertified application.

      I've tried unchecking the boxes to create a desktop shortcut etc. and nothing helps.


      There is nothing in the event log that would suggest anything has gone wrong either.


      If anyone has any suggestions on how i can resolve this issue, it would be much appreciated!





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          chris.campbell Adobe Employee

          Hi Dave,

          I'm sorry you're running into these Explorer hangs.  I haven't seen this one before but I've got a few questions.  First, are the applications being successfully installed?  Do the apps start as soon as the installer finishes or after than hang goes away?  Is it possible to get your installer log to see what might be going on there?  Do you have the latest AIR runtime installed? Finally, is it only AIR installers that cause these hangs or have you seen this with other application installers?