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    Premiere Elements 8 Help!




      I am a musician (drummer) and I have recently put together my home recording studio and I purchased Premiere Elements 8 a while ago in order to put together drum videos when I completed my home studio.  Here's the general form of what Im trying to do:


      1)  On my Digital Audio Workstation, I play along to a play-along track while recording my drum tracks.  I then mix the audio tracks and render to mp3 in 128 bit files.


      2)  While recording the audio track, I have 2 video cameras capturing 2 different angles of me on the drums.  The file from one camera is output as .avi file and the other camera is .mpg


      3)  I take the MP3 track and the two video tracks and load all three into PRE8, then delete the audio to the 2 video tracks, as i want the only audio in the movie to be from the mp3 recording track


      4)  Try my best to sync the 3 tracks in the TimeLine editor (Are there any tips on the best way to sync these 3 files up?  It takes me a long time of tiny tweaking to get them together in the timeline, and the project i've done so far isnt perfect, but it's very very close.. i only notice the difference because im the drummer and the one putting the video together)


      Ok I've completed all of that and everything plays perfectly in the preview window, but im having many problems after the rendering of the video.  I've exported in almost all the formats but these are the problems im having:


      MPEG - Video is great, files size is ok (238 megs) BUT NO SOUND

      AVI - Audio track is playing, file size 1.2G, VIDEO OUT OF SYNC WITH AUDIO

      Windows Media File - Very small size, but quality is not good and video out of sync with audio

      QuickTime File - quality of video and audio is better, but again video is out of sync with audio


      The computer I am using should be adequate and when working in PRE8, I ensure that i have no unnecessary processes running, especially when rendering an output (share) file.  The specs on the machine is Intel Quad Core i7 Q 720, 8 gigs of ddr3 ram, and ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5870 which is about the best laptop graphics card available when i bought the laptop a few months ago.


      Now obviously being drum videos, it is VERY important for the audio and video to be as close to perfectly synced as possible, which is not happening in any of the file types that I am trying to get PRE8 to export.  Is this a software issue? should i be looking for other video editing software?


      I am really new at this and thanks for any advice or help that anyone can offer... Theres a good chance that im just doing something simple, but wrong!   i have the raw audio and video tracks for 6 different projects and its frustrating me to the point of wanting to pull my hair out, blow up my computer, and punch my wife in the face!  (ok maybe i was kidding about blowing up my computer -=p)

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          dumdrum420 Level 1

          Actually i need to make a correction.. the audio file i am using is a .wav, not .mp3

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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

            There is no short cut for syncing two different video sources in Premiere Elements, drum. For the most part, it's trial and error.


            This old article of mine shows the closest way I've found.



            For what it's worth, multiple camorder editing is a breeze in Premiere Pro! After you sync up all of the tracks, you can just switch between which displays with the click of a button.


            As for your video issues -- it's hard to advise you without knowing the models of camcorders you're working with.


            Premiere Elements interfaces ideally with tape-based miniDV and HDV camcorders. Other camcorder formats -- hard drive, DVD, analog -- can be much more challenging and, depending on your particular computer, can often require a conversion to a more standard video format before bringing them into Premiere Elements in order to produce consistent, quality footage.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              As Steve points out, Multi-camera editing is easy in PrPro, but PrE does not offer that function. However, as you are doing it now, syncing up to a third Audio stream is a lot of work, and there is no easy way to do that in PrPro, even with Multi-camera editing.


              One thing that I would think about is the recording. Mixing two different formats/CODEC's is not ideal, and one is usually best first converting the MPEG to DV-AVI, which is, I assume the Captured format/CODEC of your other camera. Is that correct? Is it a miniDV tape camera? It would be better to have the same type of cameras for both Video streams.


              Next, I'll look at feeding the Audio from your mixing board to an external input on your main camera, so that you have it in sync with one Video source. I would turn off that camera's mic. That will take a lot of the work out of the situation. Then, you only have to cut in the additional footage from the second camera, and will not be using any of the Audio from it. This then becomes a visual "slip-n-slide," to get its visuals into sync, where you use the cut-aways, or closeups from that camera. This ARTICLE will give some tips on correcting OOS (Out Of Sync), but it is still a manual process.


              Not using MP3 Audio is good, and I'm glad that you are using WAV, as MP3's have all sorts of issues.


              Good luck,



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                dumdrum420 Level 1

                Thanks for the input guys!


                ok let me clarify my equipment:


                My camcorder is a Sony HDD Camcorder model DCR-SR80, about 5 years old.. All I do is plug it in to usb and put it in hard disk mode and copy the file right to my projects folder on the computer.  It seems to record right into .mpg format.. i dont know if i can change that, but i'll download the manual and see if i can get it to record in .AVI... Bill, you mentioned it in your post, but what is the easiest way to convert the mpg to avi?  I've spent a lot more on my recording studio than i thought i would and my budget has pretty much been depleted...


                The other camera is just a digital camera, Canon Powershot SD850 IS... it outputs .AVI files..


                I dont know if this is wrong but i dont use PRE8 to export the vids, i just put them in hard drive mode and copy them directly to my PC project folders...


                Bill, I dont think that running an audio feed into one of the camera's is a viable option.. they are music videos and I mix all the audio tracks on my Digital Audio Workstation PC so that i get all the levels right... im recording input from 8 different microphone tracks at the same time into the DAW after which i add compression and other effects to get the sounds right and then render to a .wav file...


                Steve, i guess im just going to have to line up the tracks the hard way.. how i do it now is before the music records, i do a simple 4 count and hit my snare drum very hard... then in PRE i line up the hit in both the videos with the peak in the audio file where the snare is hit..  it was the easiest thing that i could think of...


                I finally got a good mpeg video exported from PRE, but to me it seems almost a little unstable.. i was expecting to be able to get the same results everytime.. my end goal is to be able to export good quality videos to YouTube.. is that possible with this software?

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  I use a shareware converter, DigitalMedia Converter 2.7, but a freeware program, that gets a lot of props here is Prism. I've never used it, but many sing its praises. There are others too, but it seems that many have little things that annoy people. Also, Deskshare has a replacement for DigitalMedia Converter 2.7, and a few users of the newer version have not been 100% pleased. I have not tried Prism, nor have I upgraded my DMC, so cannot comment there.


                  When you do convert, you want DV-AVI Type II w/ 48KHz 16-bit PCM/WAV Audio. That part is very important. Next best choice is DV-AVI Type I w/ the same Audio specs.


                  Good luck,



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                    dumdrum420 Level 1

                    Question, when converting from mpg to avi, will the video speed vary at all? just wondering because of the sync process i have to go thru

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                      Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                      It should not, if you're using the right software to do it.

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                        the_wine_snob Level 9

                        I agree completely. As a matter of fact, converting MPEG's to DV-AVI Type II files, will often "fix" OOS issues with the MPEG.


                        Good luck,



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                          dumdrum420 Level 1

                          Thanks guys with your help i edited and published my first video ever...  even tho i've had the software for 3 months now, i haven't ever rendered a video until this one..  here it is if you feel like taking a look and any tips would be appreciated... it's pretty basic and all i used was presets but hopefully i'll keep learning the more vids i make!





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                            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                            I think it's terrific work, Joe. And the picture-in-picture is very effective!


                            You've done a great job of documenting your drumming!

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                              nealeh Level 5

                              Nice video. But I got a lot of crackling from the sound whenever the vocals kick in (this was the 360p version).


                              [EDIT] - same crackling on the 1080p version as well.


                              Insanity is hereditary, you get it from your children

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                                the_wine_snob Level 9

                                Thank you for the link. I got the same crackling in the vocals. Wonder if maybe the levels of that mic were up a bit, and what sounded like a crackle was really clipping.


                                As for the PiP, I think that I would make it larger and move it up and right slightly. That might cover the cymbal, but that should be OK. To pop the PiP just a bit, you could add a light-gray keyline around it. At first, I though that it was either a mirror, or a viewing window to another drummer in another room. Because it is a wider shoot, increasing the size a bit will allow the viewer to see the detail a bit better.


                                Another "trick" with the PiP might be to "introduce" it. At the very beginning, I could imagine it being animated to perhaps start tiny and grow in size, until it is just larger than what you have. To attract attention to it, it could Rotate, tumble, or Flip into the scene. These Effects could be easily animated with Keyframes over a few seconds. Just some thoughts.


                                I really liked the framing of the main shot - very well done! I liked this better, than if you had swapped the wide shot for the framed closer shot. I found this very pleasing and a good artistic choice.


                                Nice, and again, thank you,



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                                  dumdrum420 Level 1

                                  Thanks for the comments guys!


                                  The crackling is actually part of the original song.. when i mixed the audio, my buddy was sitting there and he commented on it too... yes i also agree on the pip tips... i am totally new at the video editing and i didnt manually do the overlays but was forced to pick a preset effect just because i wanted to get a quick test video up.. hopefully my next one will be a bit more polished and after reading your guys' comments and watching the video a bit more i have some different creative ideas for my next cover... this is turning into a really fun hobby for me and i appreciate all the helpful insights and tips you guys have offered!





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                                    the_wine_snob Level 9



                                    There is a new world for PiP, and similar, with Keyframing. It's not easy to grasp initially, but once you get that down, you will likely never use any form of animation Preset again. Here's a TUTORIAL on Keyframing, that was done for Premiere 6.0, IIRC, so the exact controls will differ with PrE 8, but the concept is the exact same. Steve Grisetti also has several great, PrE-specific articles on Keyframing (3 - 4 of them, I think) in his Learning Series on Muvipix. Also, there's a ton of interesting Functional Content there, such as motion graphics, original music and much more.


                                    With those few comments, I think that you have it down.


                                    Good luck, and happy editing - and drumming!



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                                      Hi Steve,


                                      I see this old reply from you about multiple camera editing.  I am wondering if Premiere Elements 9 now has the facility?  I have never done any video editing but want to edit my wedding that was shot with one fixed camera and a roving camera - so I want to intersperse the footage to make it more interesting.


                                      I need to buy the software - I dont really have the dollars for Premiere Pro and I wont really get the full use out of it.


                                      I am hoping that from version 8 to 9 the facility might be availible!


                                      Otherwise I might be left with your method described earlier.





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                                        the_wine_snob Level 9



                                        PrE 9 does not have Multi-cam editing, like PrPro does. I do not know if it will be added to PrE 10 (due out soon), but I rather doubt it. True Multi-cam is very involved, requiring two monitors (software in the GUI), and the ability to sync based on the Audio from one camera, or the TimeCode from the Source Video, and other features. It is not a simple task, and I would speculate (we'll know in a few months) that the target audience for PrE, plus the price-point will preclude that feature. Remember, just speculation on my part, and there could well be some level of implementation.


                                        In the meantime, one can workaround some aspects of multi-cam, but it's not really easy, and requires a lot of viewing with semi-transparent images, before getting everything set up for the Cuts.


                                        Good luck,



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                                          ryber1@gmail.com Level 1

                                          Thanks Hunt


                                          Looks like I willhave to just juggle the requirements and do my best.