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    Trying to retrieve content from a text field & use it in a conditional statement


      Hi Everyone,


      I have a form with a text field and a button. The  text field is called "orderNo", and the button is called "genOrder".


      Initially  the text field is empty, and clicking on the button fills the text  field with an appropriate order number.


      I need to check the text  field for data (content) before writing the order number to it, this  way if an order number is already present in the text field it will not  be over written.


      My intention is to use an if / else structure to  perform the testing, however I don't know how to retrieve the content  of the text field (if content is present!).


      If anybody can  suggest how I can go about retrieving the content of the text field and  then use it in an if / else statement it will be greatly appreciated.


      Kind  Regards,