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    Premiere only recognizes 15 seconds of my 15 minute shot!! =[


      Okay, so I'm editng on a PC, Windows 7 64 Bit, Adobe Premiere Pro CS5. I love everything about windows 7 and CS5.

      I have a project in premiere that I was working with in CS4, i opened it in cs5 and everything is working just as it was in cs4.

      I rendered out the film into 5 sections, than i up-rezed each section in Cineform Prospect HD and brought them back into cs4 to lay them on the time line and color correct.

      Might sound a lil weird to do it like this, but its already done. lol.

      But my problem is, the first 4 sections work fine and the 5th one doesnt.

      On the timeline, the 5th section is supposed to be 15 minutes long. My computer recognizes it as a 15 minute video, but in Premiere it only recognizes it as about 15 seconds and has grey bars along the video on the timeline.

      Here is a screenshot of my problem:



      Can anybody please help me???


      -Andrew L. Jackson


      cs5 conflict.png