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    how to create a interactive map


      hi guys .. how yal doing?


      i want to create a map that can read data that come from access or excel (as data source) and reflect on the map

      the data source include jobs being done on different places on that area and highlight what and where are the current jobs being done.

      and all . basically , data source actions converted on the map ?


      can it be done and how plsssss plssss help i need this for my job.


      thanks a lot guys


      have a good one

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          rHemanth Level 2

          Reading data from a data source can be done thru loader class  and parse data.


          For maps u can use free flash sdks available from likes of google and yahoo,Got thru tutorial on how to use them.they are preety easy to use.


          For ex:in google u can put pointers at places of works or interest for u.


          goggle sdk:http://code.google.com/apis/maps/documentation/flash/


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            mahirzw Level 1



            thanks a lot for your reply ...


            are you a flash developer , reason why i am asking is that , i got another project that i want to start but i need asnwers , and really would appricate your help in doing this ?


            can you help me , i want to make a animation cartoon movie and i got the story and i have started creating the characters but i dont know how to place the behind arm , if we say the charater is standing aside ( meaning you can see one side of his arm and the other is behind the body) , how can i move that arm behind with bone tool , caus ewhen i use bone tool it stays infron , and when try to use send back option it wont accept.


            thats one of my issues!!!


            thanks a lot