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    Adobe window disappears after input




      I am using Adobe form, webservices with Javascript.


      I am using simple javascript like xfa.host.messageBox and looping on response objects. I have 2 buttons on Adobe form with many input fields/dropdowns & Listboxes.


      The form first displayed one input field and a Search button, after input isprovided and click on Button, it normally shows 2 xfa.host.messageBox


      messages and then fetches the response from webserivce and displays the rest of the form.


      The issue is that when click on the button and move open another IE/other application window, later when I want to see the result in form, the window doesnt appear.


      When I open the Task Manager, the form is there, so I select the Form and click on "Switch to" to open the form and work further. My user will not want to have such a scenario.


      Please advice as what can be done.


      Thanks for your advice in advance.