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    Could session management crash IIS?

    djkhalif Level 1

      Good morning all,



      We're running CF9 and IIS6. Every day IIS needs restarting and we're getting HTTP 401.1 error. I know the error is authentication  related but, I'm wondering if my sessionTimeout settings could kill access:


      <cfcomponent output="false">
      <cffunction name="onRequestStart">

      <cfset REQUEST.datasource="DataBase">
      <cfset REQUEST.companyName="ApplicationName" >
      <cfset this.sessionManagement = true >
      <cfset this.sessiontimeout = createtimespan(0,0,5,0)>
      <cffunction name="OnSessionStart" returntype="void">
        <cfset SESSION.created = now()>
      <cffunction name="onSessionEnd" returntype="void">
        <cfargument name="theSession" type="struct" required="true">
        <cfset var duration = dateDiff("s",arguments.theSession.created,now())>
        <cflog file="#THIS.name#" text="Session lasted for #duration# seconds.">




      DJ Khalif