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    Preview Renders don't remain "linked" after re-opening project

    narf bleesmak

      Here's the deal:


      I am working in timeline mode, dragging video clips onto the timeline. When I get far enough, I hit Enter to render the work area. That works fine - no glitches - and as long as I continue with the project open, those previews continue to work (ie, all bars are green, not red) and play smoothely.


      But when I'm done for the day, close out of Premiere Elements and then come back to it the next day, half of the green turns back to red. I've checked, and the preview render files are where they are supposed to be - they're not missing. The timeline plays as though I never rendered them (ie, stutters in the red, plays smooth in the green).


      My only thought is that it has something to do with the camera those video clips were taken with, as all the unlinked areas are from the same camera (a point-and-shoot fujitsu camera). I just don't get, though, why PRE can render it correctly for one session and not reuse those linked render files for the next session.


      Any thoughts? Help would be most appreciated, as, obviously, re-rendering the same stuff over and over is a big time waster.


      Thanks in advance.