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    Awarding points "helpful answers" etc

    rowby Level 1



      Can someone tell me where to find info about awarding points on these Adobe forums.  And helpful answers, etc, how it works?   I am familiar, for example, with Experts Exchange where there is similar points, etc.  In Experts Exchange, for example, points can be split, etc.


      I have received much helpful, invaluable, assistance here and I want to give points appropriately.




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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Only the original poster can award points. He can award 1 correct answer (10 points) and 2 helpful answers (5 points each), by clicking on the appropriate button in the original thread in the answer of his liking.


          Rumor has it that at some time in the future, some of the users here with the most points may be invited to Adobe HQ for a Friday afternoon lunch in their cafetaria, consisting at least of Maine lobster and other delicacies, where Bill Hunt will arrange the wine. Travel and hotel expenses are not paid by Adobe, well, you know how they are, but the major benefit, apart from the superb wine Bill will arrange, is that each participant with be given 5 minutes to tell Product Management what Adobe missed or messed up, and that is an opportunity not many would like to miss.

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            rowby Level 1

            Adobe headquarters cafeteria!!! Sounds great.  I have no hopes of beating the pros here. In any case I am a vegan so no lobster for me (I'm a cheap date).


            Can points be awarded after the question was marked Answered?  Or is it too late at that point.



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              Harm Millaard Level 7

              Even though a question may have been designated answered, you can still award points. The nice thing is that you can seriously comtemplate on who to award points and this works even after several months. Go to your thread and scroll down the answers given and click on the appropriate button.

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                And now I know what your five minutes will consist of, "160 cores - when?"



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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  And, if one has posted a question, and say Harm answers it, and then later on adds useful info in another reply, the poster can then award him yet again.


                  There have been some humorous awards around these parts, since Adobe went to Jive with the salami and the points. I've seen times where a poster would nail an issue, and then another would reply that the OP is a dunce and needs to read the manual, before posting. The second reply would end up getting the big points, and the poster, who actually answered the question gets hosed.


                  On some posts, there might be 4 - 5 correct answers, and then the OP comes back, as says something like "ha, I figured it out all by myself, so none of you gets any points." Most often, that self-discovered solution had been suggested by most of the others, but had obviously been completely overlooked - or maybe those OP's are just having "sport" with us?


                  One very long recent thread had many correct replies, to the OP and to additional questions. All should have qualified for something kind of "atta' boy," but then someone replied - "never saw that before," and got the Correct Answer.


                  We had one post recently, where keyboard shortcuts were asked for. A poster pointed to the location of all default keyboard shortcuts in Help and pointed out that these could also be customized. No points. Then, several others chimed in with shortcuts, like L for Love, etc., and the points all went to them.


                  In general, most of us do not follow pts., or really care about them (except for banter in the Lounge), and getting the OPs' issues solved is "payment" enough. That is what matters to us. We end up making light of the pts., and discussion is just a release for most of us - a little bit of humor, when we've been concentrating heavily on someone's problems.



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                    Harm Millaard Level 7



                    Add render farm, generic template changes to existing titles, separate title export to Encore, dynamic link to Vue, restoring multi-point selection in Ultra and the old interface à la Color Finesse or MBL, and 5 minutes will not be enough but will have to do.

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                      the_wine_snob Level 9



                      Until I finished reading to the bottom, I was thinking, "five minutes ain't even gonna' be close," but you noticed that too...


                      Maybe we can lobby Todd, Dennis, Chad and Jeremy for more than 5 mins., especially when you win. You will be our advocate and our spokesperson. Be sure to wear you full-dress naval academy uniform, so that you have even more "presence," than you would in your civilian tux.



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                        RDA972 Level 3

                        I do believe that you two guys should both be invited to the Adobe headquarters. One delights in teasing the other.