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    Website vs Image Quality


      Hi all,


      I all i am a complete n00b at flash so this will probably a very simple question lol I am currently making a webstie from a template i bought from templatemonster, I have edited it fine but i am having issues with the image and website quality..


      I am producing CGI images for the website which are high quality jpegs, in photoshop they look very crisp but when i then publish the site they come out very poor quality, I checked in the script and the site quality was set to 'best', after some trial and error i found out that when the site quality was put to 'low' the images came out perfectly (i believe that when the quality is set to 'best' it adds some sort of blur to the site, and this was blurring my images) Only problem is now the text on the site is literally unreadable.


      So my question is, is there anyway to get the images to look crisp without having to adjust the website quality to low? This isn't a case of me saving the images differently from photoshop as i know they are good enough quality, i just need to get around the blur on the site once the settings are changed to best..


      Thanks in advance.