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    Unified Development Platforms?

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      I am curious as to Adobe's road map for hopefully merging the various
      elements of ColdFusion, Flex and Flash into a single development
      enviornment. I find it quite confusing that there are three different
      programs that can all essentially create RIA's. Additionally, the
      functionality of some of the components -- most notably the accordion
      control -- are different across the three platforms although the end result
      all play in the Flash 9 player.

      Does anyone know where Adobe is heading with these three technologies?

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          matt_chotin Level 3
          Hi Rich,

          We are always looking at the best way to offer functionality and offering a consolidated option may be something we'll consider for the future. But our current release plans do not include a merged offering. That said, the teams do work together and will do our best to offer the same functionality where appropriate. We've found though that there is diversity in our audiences and we are definitely not in a one-size-fits-all situation.