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    CS4 GREP question (lookaround thing)

    Murral Level 1



      I've been combing the internet for a good half an hour to try and find a solution to this, but to no avail.


      The problem: I want to find all the text from the start of a paragraph up to the 2nd tab.

      So using a real example, I want the following, in blue, be found:




      N.B. it doesn't really matter if the second tab is found or not, as this GREP will be used to apply a bold character style.


      I'm currently using this lookaround:




      Which works fine if there are only two tabs. But as you would expect, as soon as another tab is inserted all the text up until the 'new' tab is found.


      I can't work out how to sort this out, so any help would be very much appreciated!