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    Does coldfusion 8 support the implementation of WS-Security ?


      Does coldfusion support the implementation of WS-Security? We are  running Coldfusion 8 Enterprise Edition .We are trying to consume a web  service that is written in java on an IBM web sphere server. Can  coldfusion 8 consume this web service and pass in the required  WS-Security elements?


      Requirement : To consume a Webservice developed in java from coldfusion using WS-Secuirty mode .


      Environment used : Windows 2003, IIS 6, Coldfusion 8, SQl server  2005


      While trying to consume a public webservice through coldfusion , We received unable to read WSDL file and Unknown host exception error.

      Hence,  we are using <cfhttp to consume webservices.


      Can  you please advise how we can consume webservice using WS-Secuirty  (SHA-1)?