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    CS5: Audio Problem on Import



      I've just started to use Premier Pro CS5 for the first time and I've already encountered a problem.

      When I import my .mov file the video is fine but it is only giving me 30 seconds of audio on every clip.

      I thought it maybe a preview box that needed to be ticked but when I drag the footage to a sequence there is clearly only 30 seconds of audio.

      I've opened the same file in soundbooth and the full audio is there. The codec is linear PCM 48KHz 16Bit.

      Any Ideas?




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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Wait for conforming and peak file generation to finish before editing.

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            CreateVision1 Level 1

            I have done and nothing changes. I started again from scratch and only imported 1 clip which is about 1Gb went and had something to eat 20 mins later I came back and still only 30 seconds. I'm on a new iMac with 8Gb of RAM it should be done in about a minute I would have thought. Can you get it to redue a peak file?


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              Harm Millaard Level 7

              Yes, clean the media cache in preferences and if that does not work, delete all contents from the Media Cache directory. This will require new indexing, conforming and peak file generation, but may solve your problem and does not take much time.

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                CreateVision1 Level 1

                I've done both of those and it's still the same. I have noticed in the bottom right hand corner a little red cross. When I click on it an Events box comes up and it say DoClose. I can't find out what this means in the help panel. I've imported a few more clips to see if they all cut off at 30 seconds and they don't some are 6 some are 9 etc. I film onto a Focus Firestore FS-4HD using Quicktime DV. I've searched the help files and read that some recording devices require you to use the media browser instead of IMPORT. I've done this and it's just the same. This used to work fine in CS3 although I was recording in avi for use on a PC but that shouldn't matter.

                I really don't know what to do now I should have nearly got this lot edited by now and I haven't even started. Luckily I also film to tape as a backup so will just have to start capturing but that kind of defeats the object of filming to disc to save time. Or could I import the audio from soundbouth as it opens up fine in that?


                Thanks for your help so far Harm it's much appreciated.

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                  CreateVision1 Level 1



                  Just fired up my old PC laptop, started Premier Pro CS3 Imported the .mov file and it works perfectly so the problem is definately in CS5. I'm going to quickly film some stuff using the .avi codec to see if it works. I tried some .avi files in CS5 a minute ago and they worked fine but I think they were rendered out of CS3 and not from the Firestore.

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                    CreateVision1 Level 1

                    Filmed straight to My Focus Firestore this time using the avi type 2 instead of quicktime and imported the footage. Everything works great audio is full. What I did notice is that when I imported the avi file it took about 10 seconds to generate a peak file. When I import the .mov file it takes less than a second even though the file is a lot bigger. So in my eyes it's not generating a peak file, well not a propper one so I quess this is why I'm only getting seconds worth of audio.

                    Does anyone know of a fix or a setting that needs changing?



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                      the_wine_snob Level 9

                      Glad that the DV-AVI Type II took care of the issue.


                      I do not recall reading of a truncated Audio issue with MOV files, but they have been known to cause other issues. One possibility could be something like the MOV file using Linear WAV, or other, like AIFF, for the Audio stream.


                      Good luck, and thanks for reporting,



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                        Harm Millaard Level 7

                        The most logical explanation would be the file system on MAC's, which is still limited to FAT32 for external devices like the FireStore.


                        I don't understand why people would willingly use MOV instead of AVI on a PC. It has so many limitations, the major one is of course filesize and 32 bit only.

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                          CreateVision1 Level 1

                          Thanks Bill.


                          Hi Harm,

                          I know Focus have stopped using FAT32 on their newer devices. Non of my files are bigger than 4Gb so FAT32 shouldn't be an issue really plus the footage is downloaded to my hard drive I'm not actually editing off the Firestore. The file playes perfectly in quicktime and in Soundbooth.


                          I don't use mov files when I'm on the PC always film to avi type II. I only changed to mov as I'm now using a MAC and that's the default files it uses.

                          What's puzzling me is; I downloaded the same file from my Firestore and imported it into CS3 on a PC and it works great??? Is this because it's a 32bit system? I'm going to e-mail Focus to see if they know anything, even though they don't support the FS-4HD anymore.


                          With regards to the "willingly use mov instead of avi on a PC" I've been on a lot of websites and watched loads of tutorials and the Pro's out there all seem to use .mov whether or not they're on a PC or MAC. Most of them tell you to use .mov with animation codec to export your footage or png if you've got the room as it's the best. Is this an old industry standard that people are finding hard to replace or move on from? I've noticed that Adobe use the .mov for all of their footage as well. As a newbie it's very confusing and to be honest I don't care which file system I use as long as it looks good and I can use it in CS5 on my MAC. Although after today I'm starting to wish I'd stuck to PC's Having said that the MAC is an amazing piece of kit.



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                            the_wine_snob Level 9



                            What is the Audio stream on the MOV files? It is likely something there.


                            Good luck,



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                              CreateVision1 Level 1

                              Hi Bill,

                              It's Linear PCM


                              I think it's the file coming out of the Firestore cos I've just imported other .mov file with Linear PCM audio and there's not been a problem. I can get around this problem as I've opened the footage in Soundbooth and saved just the audio as a soundbooth file and imported it back into Premier. The full audio is now available to me, it's just going to be a pain in the rear to do this for every clip. I'm thinking I may just have to go back to CS3 on my PC to do this job as it will be faster, then film in avi type II for my next project which is Sunday



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                                the_wine_snob Level 9

                                OK, and thanks for that info. There have been similar issues with Linear (not PCM) WAV Audio. Not saying that that is the cause here, but it has been for others. When you have a moment, convert that Audio stream to PCM/WAV 48KHz 16-bit and see if things get better.


                                Do not know your storage device, and what it can/cannot do, but does it have the option for MOV w/ PCM/WAV? That might be the easy "fix."


                                Good luck,



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                                  CreateVision1 Level 1

                                  Just looked at the info of the two files I'm working on in Premier. The .mov file is 48KHz 32bit float-stereo and the audio file I've just imported from Soundbooth is 48KHz 32bit float-stereo yet the one in the .mov only has 30 seconds of info and the soundbooth file has all the info, it's the same file. What does Soundbooth see that Premier doesn't?

                                  I'll have to look into what settings the Firestore has. All I did was change the record format from avi to quicktime there wasn't any audio settings.



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                                    the_wine_snob Level 9
                                    What does Soundbooth see that Premier doesn't?

                                    That is a good question, and one that I have no answer for.


                                    Along similar lines, I often have to convert some odd footage to DV-AVI Type II, and this is usually 100% fine. Every now and then, one of the files will Import into PrPro with a very truncated Duration. This might well be a segmented file, where all the other segments are perfect, but this one will not be. I discovered that if I Import that problem file into PrElements, and then just Export to the same exact specs., now PrPro will see the full Duration. I have searched inside the two files, and for all practical purposes, they are identical in every way that I can test, yet one is seen correctly, and one is heavily truncated. I wish that I knew what PrE saw, that PrPro could not, and what was changed by PrE (remember, same exact specs.), to get it to work fine in PrPro. It has to be some issue with the source file and my conversion program, but I cannot find a way to tell, when it will crop up. Just an unexplained oddity in my video world.


                                    Good luck,



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                                      clctv20 Level 1

                                      I'm am having the same exact issue with Premiere CS5. I am importing clips from the Focus FS-4HD on a Mac computer. The audio will only play about 20-30 seconds or it will jump to different parts of the audio clip.


                                      ON a test I imported the audio clips to Premiere CS4 (same computer) and it works great. So I saved the project and just opened the project file in CS5 and it works! Why, I don't know. It's diffenitly isolated to CS5. It's been a real pain. I even converted the clip in Compressor to a AIFF file and then imported it to Premiere CS5 and it still doesn't work..sigh. WHYYYYY?


                                      I just want to be able to import the clips and have it work without having to do all these conversions.

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                                        Wil Renczes Adobe Employee

                                        That sounds like the AIFF audio bug that is fixed in the 5.0.2 update.

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                                          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

                                          Following up on Wil's somment:


                                          See this page for details about  the Premiere Pro CS5 (5.0.2) update:



                                          After you've installed the update, let us know whether your problem is fixed.


                                          Please  report bugs that persist after the update here:


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                                            clctv20 Level 1

                                            Great, that seems to have fixed the problem!


                                            I didn't know this update was avaiable, in the past CS versions Adobe Updater would automatically notify me if a update was avaiable, now I have to manually click on udates to see if one is avaiable. Is there a way to set it to automatically notify me again?


                                            Thanks a bunch!

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                                              Micah McDowell

                                              I'm still having a similar problem to this. Long (approx. 35 minute) NTSC DV clips, captured via Firewire on a Mac Pro in CS5, seem to lose audio sync (some seem to have the audio repeat, i.e. the last five minutes of the clip will replay the first five minutes of audio instead of what's supposed to be there). Also getting a DoClose error event like the original poster. The files work flawlessly in Quicktime or FCP; they only play funky in the Premiere timeline.


                                              Installed all updates. Have the same problem on two similarly configured machines. Anything else to try?