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    list get value


      I am new to flex.


      I have id as value for a item in the list and room_name as the label.

      Due to the automatic binding it does show the label.

      But i want to get the value of the selected item.


      I mean below is html of what I want to do

      <select name="list" onchange="alert(this.value)">
      <option value="cdcol" >cdcol (1)</option>
      <option value="chatbox" >chatbox (9)</option>


      This is my flex code

      <s:List x="13" y="18" width="118" height="400" id="list"  labelField="room_name"   change="list_changeHandler(event)">
                <s:AsyncListView list="{getAllroomsResult.lastResult}"/>
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          BhaskerChari Level 4

          Hi xpsdeset,


          You can make use of the selectedItem property of the list..


          var selItem:Object = list.selectedItem;

          and you can access/get the selected item label as selItem.selectedLabel



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          Bhasker Chari

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            xpsdeset Level 1

            thanks a lot i modifyed you code and it worked ausome.


            protected function list_changeHandler(event:IndexChangeEvent):void
                        {                debug.text=list.selectedItem.id;
                            getAllUsersResult.token = usersService.getSetRoom(list.selectedItem.id);


            thanks a lot Bhasker Chari.