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    problems exporting rollover 'states' into Dreamweaver, and loss of font formats




      I am quite new to Fireworks and am having a little difficulty with some aspects of it.


      I am building a miltiple page site, and am exporting using the the 'export CSS and Images' option from Fireworks CS4 to Dreamweaver CS4.


      I have applied some 'swap image behaviour' to the links on the Master Page.


      However When I try to export to Dreamweaver I get the following message:


      "Only sliced images from the current state will be included in this export. Hotspot and behaviour attributes will be ignored."

      Obviously I want the states (swap image) functionality to be exported so that the javascript rollovers work. Any ideas how to resolve this?


      Also, when I export the pages into Dreamweaver, I have noticed that the font formatting is lost e.g. <h1> format style etc So an orange <h1> font title, with black outline, will not retain that formatting in Dreamweaver (it actually renders as white, which is the same as the <p> font elements.). I do know how to alter the CSS to render a different colour in Dreamweaver: but its the character outline that I cannot reproduce by manipulating the CSS (I don't know how to anyway....).


      Also, once a 'Master' page has been created, will all other pages within the document automatically inherit the functions and settings as per the Master Page. Or do I need to link each page to the Master Page in order for them to inherit its functionality and settings? I'm particuarly thinking about the states/rollover issue again here i.e. Will I need to set under/over states on each individual page or do I just need to set it once on the Master page?


      Thanks for your help.

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          Jim_Babbage Level 4

          Q1:  There. Is no way to resolve this in Fireworks. You'll have to export the other states manually and build the rollovers in dreamweaver.


          Q2:  Again, *if* there us a widely supported CSS option fir text outlining you have tomanually apply it to the code in Dreamweaver.

          Q3:  Hyperlinks and graphics on the master page should be applied to all child pages.

          Fireworks is not a true web page editor. Keep this in mind. It is a graphics tool fulirst and foremost. The CSS and HTML features are not nearly as robust as Dreamweaver.   Hope this helps

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