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    Air and Memory




      i´m using adobe air 2 in a project and i´m starting to loose my mind. I start to think Air its inviable to use in production because memory problems.

      They are everywere, i'm loading a image slide-show  - a swf file, and the memory is always growing without stoping between images - the swf dont have any problems with memory. I do the same in a osmf player - slide with images and .. again the same ....


      In net there are people talking about this, and i think its a base problem... its inviables any project if i want a desktop app to run 24/24 hours.


      Its fustrating because i learn actionscript and then this ...


      Another example its the module loader - never solved ... - and makes me some confusing about adobe tell how we should do it to manage this problems - but hey, its suposed to be a tool for people not the other way.


      So i like to hear you people have to say realeted to this, to make a better decision.