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    clear photos in full-screen flash sites


      hi there,


      i've been working with flash for a long time, but there's still something that i don't quite think i'm understanding fully. i see many of these sophisticated photography sites programmed so that the photo fills the whole screen (such as http://www.zavesmith.com/zavesmith.html for an example) and the photo is crisp and clear on any sized monitor.


      i know how to set the site to be programmed to fill 100% of the screen, and i know how to "trace bitmap" inside of flash so that the photos work a little better. they then act more like vector images than bitmaps which tend to pixelate when proportions are enlarged. but when i use the "trace bitmap" feature, the flash file often becomes very large size in terms of KB, even when some detailed smaller images are traced. perhaps these sites input the photos in some other way/programming language? any advice or insight on this would be very much appreciated.


      thank you!