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    Question on Robo folders

    AnahidMA Level 1

      Okay - so I am ignorant - lets get this out upfront. I inherited Robo, and enjoy working it in, but I'm still ignorant.


      We're splitting our emars KB into two, and it appears the way it was set up everything is under the LocalCopies folder > sub-directory emars. However, what are these folders off root under emars? Is this for source control? We just copied the folders under LocalCopies, and everything seems to be working fine (same web server, just a different folder name), but I want to make sure something isn't going to come bite me in the butt.


      Many thanks - Anahid


      Robo directories.png

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          Maya Sindhu



          While generating a Robohelp project, by default the tool generates folders !Language!, !SkinSubFolder!, and !SSL!. All other folders are manually created by the author based on their convenience/ logics (such as grouping of topics within a single business process/main heading) of maintaining the folder structure for easy retrieval of HTML files. Thus, in the sample image provided folders Chapter 1_XXXXX to Cahpter12_XXXXX were created by the author of emars for ease of folder maintenance.



          The !Language! folder contains details related to the Language and !SkinSubFolder! contains details about the skins settings used in your respective project. !SSL! (Single Source Layouts) is the default folder where all the output files you generate are saved.



          With the Task Support Cluster concept gaining its momentum, as a practice folder structures can be maintained as Concept, Tasks or Procedures, and References.



          • Concept – In this folder place all the files that provide an overview, insight, what can be done in this page, or any other conceptual information a user must know to perform the task effectively.


          • Tasks or Procedures – In this folder place all the HTMLs which tells the user how to perform a task.
          • Reference Topic – In this folder place all the topics which provides additional information to the user or topics which the user might require to know.