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    Phantom Border appearing on print-outs

    UbuntuPenguin Level 4

      TL;DR a phantom border is being printed on my documents.

      Hello Everyone ,

           I am printing a page from one of my views. However , when I print I either get a page with a border around the right and bottom side. Or it prints 2 pages ( there should only be one ) and the second page has a gray bar in the top right. I have tried playing with all the FlexPrintJobScaleType options (Match_Width , Match_Height , Show_All .. )



      Below is the code that I use to print. As always points will be awarded.

      Sincerely ,




      public function sendToPrinter( printJob:FlexPrintJob ):void
      var parent:IVisualElementContainer = this.parent as IVisualElementContainer;

      if( parent != null )
      parent.removeElement( this );
      this.includeInLayout = false;
      this.visible = false;

      FlexGlobals.topLevelApplication.addElement( this );
      printJob.addObject( this , FlexPrintJobScaleType.SHOW_ALL );
      FlexGlobals.topLevelApplication.removeElement( this );

      if( parent != null )
      parent.addElement( this );
      this.includeInLayout = true;
      this.visible = true;