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    Getting area of characters/images... Any tips?


      My requirement is that we need to measure the size of some texts in the document using scripts. (The document is created by using Indesign tagged text  file placed in the document.)


      So we placed LS and LE tags between those and then run the script to find page wise size like this:


      e.g. <LS> some img..

      some text



      some other text



      some text2



      Tried using a grep to find the start and end tags. And then find difference between the baselines of LS and LE to get height.


      i) But then how do i get the page in which the find is done, tried findPage() function available somewhere else in forum, but not sure it gives correctly as it outputs in reverse page order, in alert.


      ii) Is there an alternative to get current page number and size of select text(not manual selection).