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    Premiere CS5 Video playback problems


      Dear All,


      I hope someone can help me out!


      I have finally managed to get the 64-bit upgrade sorted out. However, most of the time I try to start my trial version of Premiere, I get an error message saying "CS5 has stopped working". No explanation. Nothing. It just doesn't open.


      However, if I persevere long enough, after four or five attempts to start the program, it will inexplicably do so. My problem THEN is that a project I saved in CS4 seems to load OK but then I cannot get the video footage (unrendered) to appear in the preview window. Which makes the whole thing useless really.


      If I then click in the preview window, the footage WILL appear but only as a still on whatever frame it happened to be on. Again, making the entire shebang useless.


      So, if anyone has any brilliant tips on why these things are happening, do let me know. I feel like shooting someone! LOL


      I am quite happy to buy a copy of this thing IF I can be sure it will work. But I fail to see why Adobe are pretending these problems don't exist. No help from the support team via phone at all.




      Mark Birkett