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    CFTEXTAREA, FCKEditor and Image resizing

    FreeFallsv Level 1

      I'm trying to use FCKEditor with CFTEXTAREA to build a basic blog and allow placing a photo in the post.  Everything is working fine, including the file upload features, but what I want to do is force the image to resize on upload if the file is over a certain size.  As I look through all the CFCs, it appears that the functionality is there, but I can't figure out how to activate it.  Does anyone have any ideas?

      Thanks all.

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          TiGGi Level 1

          Althou there are couple of image component files in the fckeditor folder I don't think this feature has been built into the fckeditor.  This is something you would have to implement yourself.

          Also you would be better of getting new standalone version of fckeditor and not using the one that came with CF.  One that came with CF is old and there were few updates since then.