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    Tab groups

    bullwrinkle Level 1

      I'm working on a complex application that dynamically creates large Flex forms based on XML values from a server. There is a bug, where under certain conditions, tab groups are formed within a form -- tabbing loops through fields 4 to 8, when a radiobutton is set. I have tested our code -- based on the Adobe example found in their docs for tabbing with a scrolled window -- on my own hand-written test cases, and haven't encountered any tabbing group problems. So the problem appears to be related to how we're dynamically creating these large Flex forms -- the problem is in the form itself. These forms consist of all the form elements (input fields, checkboxes, ...)


      So my question is what error would lead to tab groups.  I have been playing around with the groupName settings of the RadioButtonGroup (omitting it or making it mismatch) within my testcase, but haven't been able to find a programming error that results in the creation of a tab group. Also none of the elements within either the form or my testcases contains an explicit tabIndex, instead we just default to the natural progression of form elements. So there isn't a problem with duplicate tabIndexes.



      Thanks, Norman