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    WebHelp not displaying topic content on first link click (Firefox only)




      I'm having an issue with a WebHelp project not displaying topic content the first time the topic link is clicked (from the TOC). The page loads normally, but only the breadcrumbs display. For all subsequent clicks on the topic link, the content displays normally. This issue occurs only on Firefox and only when the project is launched from our company's website. None of the projects launched from within our applications have this issue.


      I've only found one reference to a similar display issue on Firefox, and it was fixed in version 7.0.2



      • RoboHelp version - 7.03.001
      • Firefox version - 3 (haven't tested on earlier versions)
      • O/S - Windows Vista
      • Output format - WebHelp
      • Occurs only when launched from company website (link to index.htm file)