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    RoboHelp Tutorial

    Stamps_-_Coulter Level 1
      I have downloaded RoboHelp and cannot find the Tutorial. The starter page looks nothing like the RoboHelp Central page that is in the tutorial. I have been opening a second file and creating a new one, but obviously content referred to in the tutorial is not there and I am not getting the full effect by mimicking the process absent that content.
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          Welcome to the forum.

          Are you talking about the trial version? The difficulty with answering questions on that is that the forum supporters have the full versions and we cannot maintain a trial version because it expires.

          You don't say where you have looked for the tutorial. In the full version it can be accessed from the Help menu. Are you not seeing it there? Hang on, first you say you cannot find it and then starter page is nothing like a page in the tutorial. Well how do you know that if you cannot find it? I'm confused.

          Please can you clarify the whole post.

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            Stamps_-_Coulter Level 1

            I think it has something to do with not having the full version. But later I ended up finding the proper destination with a full interactive tutorial - the location was mentioned in the second phase (at the beginning of Part Two) of the tutorial and now I'm finally getting to work with it.

            Thanks for reading my post and thinking it over.