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    Can't understand 3.0 and loading classes...

    C-Rock Level 2
      I'm trying to organize and build a very large project. The listeners alone for the buttons have over 500 lines of code. I wish to break them up into separate actionscript files for organization purposes. I can't be the only one on the planet that needs to do this. I also have my design on the stage. I need the document class "mapDC.as" to load the "toolBar.as" class and use the buttons on the stage, because the listeners for those are in the toolBar.as class.

      Is this wrong? Is there a different way to do it? I can't get the toolBar class to access the buttons. I always get errors.

      Can someone explain to me how you go about loading a main document class that contains the main variables used throughout the whole project and how you are supposed to load classes to be used everywhere in the project.

      I've lost thousands of dollars already and read everything online I can find. Everyone just has one class in there examples and they create simple boxes and addChild() to get them on the stage. I need something more than this... Thanks!