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    Anyway to smooth out a progress bar?

    EvolvedDSM Level 2

      I'm using a Timer with an event to update data on a page.  I'm also using a progress bar to indicate the next update (every 30 seconds).  Currently I'm using a manual progress bar with setProgress() to increase the value by 1 (max value 30) every second to match the 30 second Timer.  This works fine from a functionality standpoint, but I don't like how the intervals on the progress bar jump in chunks to the next value instead of smoothly progressing to the next value.  Basically the progress bar shows 30 "jumps" instead of smoothly filling in.  I have been looking through documentation as best as I can to find any type of transition or smoothing renderer, but no luck.


      I'm using Flash Builder 4 if that helps with suggestions.