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    Adobe MAX PreConference

    JohnJ Level 1

      Looking at registering for the LiveCycle@Max. I did this preconference last year. Will it be basically the same concpets and content?  Or new? Sure wish Adobe had a LC level 2 for those that attended the year before to get more in depth.

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          dan at Adobe Level 1

          The pre-conference LiveCycle training will be similar to the introductory training that was offered last year.  This training is targetted at those developers new to LiveCycle, or looking for a refresher on the fundamentals.  Of course, the developer labs that are being planned for MAX 2010 will offer deeper level training.

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            JohnJ Level 1

            Thank You look forward to another year at MAX

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              gbone2000 Level 1

              Still very new to LC, looking forward to attending MAX, including the pre-conferences, but worried that it will quickly be over my head and I'll just be sitting there trying to get what I can. When they say new first time users, to what extent do they expect what knowledge I should walk in with?

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                ChantalRichard Level 1

                The LiveCycle@MAX preconference "Developing a LiveCycle ES2.5 Application" session is our introductory workshop to LiveCycle. The prerequisites to successfully complete this class are as follows:


                • Have a basic understanding of XML terminology and structure
                • Be familiar with basic programming concepts, processes and constructs


                If you feel comfortable with the above concepts, then you will do just fine.


                Now hurry and sign up

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                  gbone2000 Level 1

                  Already signed up including the pre-conferences, hotel room reserved,

                  airplane ticket purchased. I just want to know how smart I need to be

                  walking in as opposed to having done this for years.


                  For what it's worth, the company I work for is installing touch-screens in

                  the production area. They want to be able to provide live build documents to

                  the assembly people, as well as providing a feedback field, so we can fix or

                  update or replace build steps on the fly, including parts callout.


                  I'm looking to show them that Adobe has everything they need to make this

                  happen, and we're fast moving to an all Adobe company. Now I have to pull

                  out my wizards hat and show them I have the answer, initially with a proof

                  of concept, and finally with a fully functional assembly manual. There are a

                  ton of things they want, and I'm swimming up to my neck trying to find all

                  the answers.