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    cyber fyb
      Hi everyone,

      I am using the CFDOCUMENT to create the traditional "print this page" method from informational page of services. I am using this tag since CF7 and I would say that I am use to it. since I am now using CF8, it seems that the tag change a bit. I am not talking about the new features we can use with this tag (such as CFDOCUMENTSECTION) but when I am using the CFDOCUMENTITEM to create my "header", the font and the image are not show up as I asked. for an example, I asked to display a text in the font-size 10pt while I display a text in the footer with the font-size 8pt; the text from the footer is much bigger than the text in the header! As for the logo of the company, it has 176 X 117 pixels but it appears on the screen like a 50 X 30 pixels.

      Is it something that I miss how to use this are of a CFDOCUMENT? And more important for me, Am I the only one who got this problem?

      Thank you for any assistance!

      And here some code for the one of you who would like to see the details:

          rupesh_kumar Adobe Employee
          It looks like your header content needs more space than the default top margin space because of which it tries to scale it down to fit in this space. In cf7, it does not scale it down and simply prints it on top of the main page which leads to the chopping of the data in page. CF8 fixes that and hence it has to scale down the header/footer content to fit it in the top/bottom margin specified.
          Please try out adjusting your margintop attribute and it should work fine.

            cyber fyb Level 1
            Thank you rupesh_kumar, I put margintop at 2 (for 2 inches) to the tag CFDOCUMENT and it "enlarged' the area and let me have the logo of the company appear with a more normal size.