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    Page tiling chops off top when printing

    BellyBuckle Level 1

      Hi guys.


      Anyone out there have this problem?:


      I'm using a 27" iMac running SL with an old Epson Stylus Photo 870. Whenver I print from either Illustrator or InDesign the top of my page gets cuts off. I am assuming it's a problem with the older driver, but when I got my computer six months ago, I installed an Epson driver for OS 10.4 with the Common Updater, as Epson suggested.  I know there's a Gutenprint driver that comes with SL, but since I updated my Epson driver, I'm not sure how to get the Gutenprint driver back(?) or even if that will solve the problem printing out of the Adobe products.


      I suspect that I'll get flak from those on this Adobe forum saying: "Hey that's an Apple problem - buzz off!"




      But I'm wondering if anyone in the Adobe camp know of a workaround?