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    trace statement not working in AIR 2.0


      I have tried just about everything get this to work.

      I have:

      - unticked omit trace actions

      - set filter level to verbose

      - tried running in DEBUG mode (ctrl shift enter)

      - tried running in preview mode (ctrl enter)

      Nothing i have done has worked.


      NOTE: the trace works fine when not using AIR e.g. flash player 10


      Now here is the funny part, it worked fine in AIR 1.5 Flash CS4. Then i upgraded to Flash CS5 and used the AIR 2.0 beta and it still worked fine. Then i decided to reformat and reinstall. I installed Flash CS5 and updated it to the latest version and installed the latest AIR 2.0 (OUT OF BETA). Now the trace statement is no longer working.


      Would really like some help here.