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    Improving performance in large scale application


      Hi all,


      We are developing a large scale image editing application using Flex. The company we hired suggested that we use Flex as it is best for image editing.


      Unfortunately, the only thing holding us back from release is that the application is suffering from serious performance issues that the programmers cannot resolve. I don't have any experience in Flex (or programming in general) but it would be greatly appreciated if anyone could offer some tips that I could pass on to the team...


      The application is separated into five different "sections". Each section contains a large amount of tools such as image effect overlays, textures, borders etc., including the standard revert, crop, undo, redo tools that you would expect to find. Even without any images imported, skipping between these pages will take 5-10 seconds. Once images are imported, the program will completely bog down and almost become unusable.


      I've opened up task manager and checked the usage, and even with the application idle, it is using 300mb. This seems relatively high compared to CS5 which is only using 30mb. I don't really know if this proves anything but I thought I'd mention it anyway.