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    Perl Script Execution


      Is there a way to execute a Perl/Cgi scripts in Cold fusion Built in Server. Actually I have tested my scripts in Apache Server by putting my cgi scripts in cgi-bin but in the Coldfusion built in Server we are having does not contain a cgi-bin. So what is the alternate way that can be used to execute a cgi script in the cold fusion built in Server.

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          ilssac Level 5

          What do you want to execute the Perl?  The web server or the application server?


          I don't know if the built in web server can execute Perl|CGI, I have never heard of it.  I would not be surprised if it did NOT do this.  The built-in server is intended for development and testing of ColdFusion application code.  Thus it is not a full featured web server and not intended to be used in a production enviornment.


          But if you want to execute Perl code as part of a ColdFusion application, the <cfexecute....> command is perfectly capable of doing this from the applciation server.  That means the resulst of the Perl code, if there are any, are returned to the ColdFusion application domain rather then the user domain that would happend if the CGI code was been executed by the web server.

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            DivFedRaj Level 1

            Thanks a lot for your response....