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    tab key

      I have a main movie with buttons. the tab key works fine with that. it goes to each button in a row (without using the tabindex). I also have a swf being loaded into the main movie that contains buttons. when i play the complete movie the tab key does not go in order. but i recognizes all the button in the main movie and loaded swf.

      so i tried using the tab index and assigning numbers to each button. this works fine if there is nothing being loaded into the main movie. once the swf that is being loaded starts the tab index does not work. it will still work in the main movie but does not in the loaded swf. the tab key does not "see" the loaded swf.

      this is how it is being loaded:
      loadMovie("topic01.swf", "mc_load");

      does anyone have an answer to this? i have asked all over and i can not get an answer.