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    Columnar alignment problem with DataGrid

      Hi All.

      I've got the following DataGrid:


      If you filter out some of the results with zeros in the referred/applied columns, this is what you get:


      See how the column heads aren't aligned with the columns? Interestingly enough, I don't always get this behavior, but it happens often. If I click a column head (to change the sort order), the alignment is corrected.

      I've attached the complete MXML for this application.

      BTW, another problem I had (and have given up trying to hunt down is), why do I need to declare my WebService as <mx:WebService>, instead of just doing it entirely in code? You can see in my MXML that I have commented out a few lines of AS initializing the WebService instance. Originally, I was declaring and using my WebService entirely in code. However, the databinding wasn't working -- the grid never populated. When I changed it to be declared as an <mx:WebService> tag, everything started working.