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    Flex 4 Migration: skinning, and Actionscript

    renan weber



      I've been researching about this topic, but I wasn't able to find any  examples on "how to skin in flex4" using actionscript. I'm trying to  make a simple test, just load an image inside a container and set the  borderSides properties. This property, and many others, are missing from  flex 4 "by default", now I have to create/define a skin and code it  using Line graphics components, is that correct?


      anyways, my "real" (probably not the smartest but...) I've been struggling around  this problem for a couple days:

         - How do I migrate from Flex 3 (css styles and other stuff) to Flex 4 (skins), BUT I don't want to use mxml files, I'd like to keep everything written in actionscript in my application. It has to be feasible but I couldn't figure out how.


      Thanks in advance