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    Object position




      Can anyone tell me if it's possible to create a button that will return the user to an exact postion on the stage? For instance, I want to create a back button at the bottom of the stage, and when someone presses it, it takes them to the top of the stage?


      I am using Flash CS4 on Windows.





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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You'll need to explain how the user is on the stage, and possibly what you mean by stage (in case it is not what is commonly known as the the stage in Flash).  What object are you equating to be the user?

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            neil451 Level 1

            Hi Ned,


            I mean the area you design on as the stage I have this set to 600 x 1000 pixels. At the moment I have a number of images on the stage at frame 1 running along the top of the stage. When someone clicks on an image it takes them to another frame (5) and displays some info which is near the bottom of the stage. What I want to be able to do is set a back button at frame 5 at the bottom of the stage so that it will take them back to frame 1 but to the top of the stage area.





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              rHemanth Level 2

              In the buttons click code write the code gotoAndPlay(1),this should take u to frame 1 but i am not sure how u scroll thru a flash stage.

              However u can set the selected property of the first image or movie clip(with some glow border) true on moving back to frame 1 to attract the user eyes there.